Steak tartare

Served with cep, dried egg yolk and pickled mustard seeds

(Contains: Eggs, milk, mustard)
NOK 195
King crab salad

King crab from MS Donna, marinated and raw cucumber, ramson, green asparagus and dill gel.

(Contains: Eggs, crustaceans)
NOK 225
White asparagus

White asparagus AAA glazed with lemon and thyme, lumpfish roe, chervil and nettle sauce.

(Contains: Fish, milk, sulphites)
NOK 235


Grilled monkfish

Grilled and red wine glazed monkfish, with pickled onion with dill, croquet filled with smoked cheddar and red wine sauce flavored with dill

(Contains: Fish, milk, sulphites)
NOK 305

Dry-aged meat

Beef comb

Beef comb with bones from Galicia, Spain
(For 2-3 persons)

NOK 165 / 100 g
Dairy cow striploin

Norwegian dairy cow from Gudbrandsdalen
(250 g)

NOK 265

Norwegian entrecôte from Malvik
(250 g / 350 g)

NOK 275 / 325

Wagyu entrecôte from Whyalla, Australia
(250 g/ 350 g)

NOK 410 / 595

Meat dishes above is served with Bristol Grill's French fries, bearnaise sauce, tomato salad with tarragon mayonnaise and grilled green asparagus topped with aged Parmesan.

(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)


Classic lemon tart

Served with whipped organic cream flavored with Tahiti vanilla.

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
NOK 145
Strawberry marinated with elderflower

Served with pistachio cream, rhubarb broth and raspberry meringue.

(Contains: Pistachio Nuts, eggs, milk)
NOK 145