Focus on accessibility

We want Bristol to be a place for everyone. Consequently, we work constantly on upgrading the hotel to modern standards. Our objective is to be able to offer seamless accommodation for our guests regardless of their needs.

There are more details on accessibility at the Bristol here

The environment and sustainable business practices

Bristol is a certified Miljøfyrtårn (Eco-Lighthouse), and works hard for environmental consumption. We are working on reducing food waste and saving energy. The objective is to protect the environment without it being at the expense of the comfort of our guests.

You can learn more about the Eco-Lighthouse programme here

We’re reducing food waste

Throwing food away is a waste of resources and good produce. We always use everything when preparing food at the Bristol, to ensure nothing goes to waste. To reduce food waste even more, we have signed a deal with the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Development to cut food waste by 50% by 2030.

Sustainable food

We use organic ingredients in our restaurants, and work hard to reduce food waste. We always make use of the highest quality ingredients. And ideally, from local sources. That’s why we always adapt our menus to the season.

Learn more about our focus on sustainable food here

Pantelotteriet (bottle deposit lottery)

Did you know that Olav Thon – the Bristol’s owner – was the man who established the Norwegian bottle deposit lottery? His aim was to encourage the use of bottle deposits, and to create a permanent source of income for charities. The money from deposits goes to the local Red Cross, to support its work in Norway.

Learn more about Pantelotteriet here 

Code of Conduct

We have an unequivocal Code of Conduct that sets out clear requirements for our employees, suppliers, and business partners. The principles of the code are based on Olav Thon’s vision, mission and values.

Learn more about our Code of Conduct here