Create that hotel feeling at home

We have everything you need to enjoy the luxury of Bristol Hotel at home. How about a plush bathrobe with matching slippers - or something scrumptious made by our own pastry chefs?

Products and prices

Hotel products

  • Coffee/teacup: NOK 495 (Hand-painted porcelain with emblem in real gold)
  • L'Occitane travel kit with toiletries: NOK 195
  • Bathrobe: NOK 695 (Get your name embroidered for an additional NOK 150!)
  • Chocolate confectionery, 8 pcs: NOK 100
  • Chocolate confectionery, 18 pcs: NOK 225
  • Slippers: NOK 50
  • Water bottle: NOK 95
  • Bag: NOK 95
  • Deck of cards: NOK 45
  • Umbrella: NOK 100
Bathrobe and slippers with adjacent toiletry products
Triple-decker tray with Afternoon Tea
Gingerbread made at the hotel
Our own confectionery made at the hotel
Coffee cup with the Bristol logo in real gold
Gift box for take-away

Get that hotel feeling at home