Bristol Pub

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Fried chickpeas with curry flavors
45 kr
Candied Walnuts

With maple syrup, cinnamon and cayenne

65 kr
Black Kalamata Olives marinated in thyme, lemon and garlic
55 kr
Green Kalamata Olives marinated in chili, rosemary and spices
55 kr
Bristol’s Chips from Den Lille Chipsfabrikken
55 kr
Fried Norwegian “Lefse"
40 kr


Fish and Chips

cod fried in beer batter served with green peas and curry remoulade

(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)
275 kr

with bell pepper sauce, grilled cabbage and black lime              

(Contains: Wheat, fish, sulphites)
295 kr
Braised Beef Cheeks

with Porter beer, figs and mustard

(Contains: Wheat, mustard, sulphites)
265 kr
Crispy Chicken

with nori, sesame spice, yuzu and chili mayo

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, mustard, sulphites)
169 kr
Caramelized Cauliflower

with sumac pickled red onion, tahini dressing and pumpkinseeds          

(Contains: Milk)
85 kr / 135 kr
Baked Beetroot

with chevre cream, walnuts and smoked rosemary olive oil

(Contains: Walnuts, milk)
85 kr / 135 kr
Bristol Classic Smashburger

with cheddar, classic dressing, onion and pickles

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
185 kr
Bacon Triple Onion Smashburger

with caramelized onions, crispy onions, red onion, bacon, cheddar,

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
200 kr
Hot Stuff Smashburger

with cheddar, grilled chili mayo, onion, jalapeno relish and pickles

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
195 kr
Bristol Beyond Burger Burger (Plant-Based)

with classic dressing, pickles, onion and cheddar

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
215 kr
Loaded fries

with cheddar, jalapeño and bacon

(Contains: Milk, sulphites)
95 kr / 160 kr


Gin & Bergamot Sorbet

with flake salt and lemon olive oil

(Contains: Sulphites)
40 kr
Ice Cream
(Contains: Eggs, milk)
35 kr
Banana Cake

with sticky toffee sauce, coconut and cardamom sorbet

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
145 kr


French Fries
65 kr
Sweet Potato Fries
75 kr
Pecorino Frites
80 kr
Crispy Chicken
105 kr
Green Salad
65 kr


Classic dressing
(Contains: Eggs, mustard, sulphites)
20 kr
Baked garlic dip
25 kr
Cheddar dip
30 kr
Grilled chili dip
(Contains: Eggs, mustard, sulphites)
25 kr
Jalapeno relish dip
(Contains: Sulphites)
25 kr

Add On

Gluten-free bread
15 kr
20 kr
Extra patty
45 kr
Extra cheese
10 kr