We park your car

If you want to park with us, simply leave your car outside the main entrance, and inform Reception. If there is space available in the Bristol garage, we will park your car there for you.

Click here to request a parking space

Finding your way

Our garage is under the hotel, which means your car is always close at hand. You can also drive right up to the main entrance.

Use this link for directions right to the door.

Have your car valeted while it’s parked

The Bristol garage offers everything within professional car care and wheel-changing. It also sells tyres, wheels and other car accessories. That means you can spoil your car a little while you are being spoiled by us.

Available Monday - Friday from 15:00.

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One of the city’s safest car parks

Your car is in safe hands with us. The garage is under 24/7 video surveillance and personally manned for up to 15 hours a day. In other words, there’s every reason to sleep well!

Indoor parking

The Bristol garage is open to both staying and dining guests. 

Alternative parking

Now and then, the Bristol garage is full. On those occasions, we will direct you to the nearest public car park, helping you to avoid driving around the city centre in search of a vacant spot.