Valid until 31 July 2024

With a lot of history within the walls, an upgraded interior and an elegant atmosphere, we take you back in time. We offer a taste experience with a focus on Norwegian ingredients, seasonal dishes and temptations from our own patisserie.


Lightly baked trout

with spicy crab salad celery and parsley sauce and crispy celery

(Contains: Fish, milk, celery, crustaceans, sulphites)
255 kr
Cured deer

With apple, soft cheese, crispy barley and pickled forest mushrooms

(Contains: Barley, milk, sulphites)
265 kr
Skagen mix

On sourdough toast with Kalix fish roe

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
265 kr
Baked carrot

With cream on fennel and carrot, salad on pickled roots crispy carrot and aged goat cheese

(Contains: Milk, sulphites)
235 kr

Main courses

Beef tenderloin

Served with crispy onions and porcini mushrooms, glazed borettane onions, baked beetroot with horseradish, potato terrine and red wine sauce with thyme

(Contains: Milk, celery, sulphites)
635 kr
Lamb sirloin

Served with with spring onions, broccolini, honey glazed parsnips and lamb stew

(Contains: Milk, celery, sulphites)
605 kr
Pan-fried halibut

served with long-baked shallots, grilled cauliflower, potato croquet with aged parmesan and a butter sauce with citrus and herbs

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk, celery, crustaceans, sulphites)
605 kr
72 hour glazed beef brisket

Served with spicy red cabbage salad, cheese sauce and small potatoes with browned butter and tarragon

(Contains: Milk, celery, sulphites)
465 kr


Muscovado and pistachio cake

Served with vanilla whipped cream and pistachio jelly

(Contains: Wheat, pistachio nuts, eggs, milk)
215 kr
Chocolate tart

Served with fennel Namelaka and vanilla ice cream

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
220 kr
Cheesecake with blueberries

Served on a biscuit base, compote and wild blueberries

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
215 kr
Lemon cake

Served with mango cream and passion fruit jelly

(Contains: Wheat, eggs)
205 kr

The price for renting of premises is additional.