Train when you want

Regardless of the time of day you prefer to train, our fitness room is open. Perfect for anyone who likes to get up before dawn, or who wants to run off a little energy before bed.

Fitness room with a view

We have ellipse machines, treadmills, rowing machines and spinning bikes for anyone who wants to maintain their condition. The treadmills face the massive windows, allowing you to take in the busy streets of Oslo while working out.

Different forms of strength training

We have a fully-equipped gym, with weights, machines, dumbbells and kettlebells. What’s more, we have a room with wall bars, yoga mats, training balls and bosu balls for functional strength-training and balance.

Forget your gym bag

There are towels and even drinking bottles provided in the fitness room. Take a bottle with you and re-use it. Fill it with our specially-filtered spring water from PURE WATER – with or without bubbles.

Snacks and toppings

One of the best things about keeping fit is recharging your energy bank afterwards. We provide a range of healthy, quality snacks in the fitness room consisting of fresh fruit and a wonderful nut mix.

New, modern equipment

All the equipment in the fitness room was replaced when the room was refurbished in 2018. We have a wide range of machinery, kettlebells, weights and dumbbells, treadmills, rowing machines and spinning bikes featuring the latest technology.