Bristol Grill

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New potatoes

served with vendace roe, butter sauce and crown dill 

(Contains: Eggs, fish, sulphites)
NOK 205
Lamb sweetsbreads

pan fired, white beans and vadouvan 

(Contains: Wheat, celery, milk, sulphites)
NOK 195

grilled leek and Osetra Gastro Unica caviar 

(Contains: Wheat, almonds, milk, celery)
NOK 235
Steak tartare

cep, dried egg yolk and pickled mustard seeds

(Contains: Eggs, milk, mustard, sulphites)
NOK 195


Turbot from Kvinesdal

charcoal grilled and glazed with spruce shoot

NOK 315
Monkfish from Midsund

grilled with bones (serves 2 pers)

NOK 695

Served with pickled apple and turnip with horseradish, fresh vegetables from Bergsmyrene farm and Mousselin sauce with mussels

(Contains: Molluscs, eggs, fish, milk, celery, sulphites)

Dry-aged meat

Gutrei Roxa D’uro

Galicia - Spain (minimum 250g)

NOK 200 / 100 g
Sashi «Diamond select» Clubsteak 350g

Freygaard - Finland 

NOK 450
Sashi «Diamond select»T-bone 750g

Freygaard - Finland (serves 2 pers)

NOK 890
Sashi «Prussian Black» Cowboy steak 750g

Poland/Germany (serves 2 pers)

NOK 590
T-bone 750g

Gudbrandsdalen - Norway (serves for 2 pers)

NOK 590
Wagyu entrecôte 250g

Whyalla - Australia

NOK 420
Wagyu tenderloin A5 10 200g

Gunma - Japan 

NOK 1050
Wagyu Cowboy steak 800g

Snake River Farm - USA (serves 2 pers)

NOK 1295
Wagyu Porterhouse steak 1.2kg

Snake River Farm - USA (serves 3-4 pers)

NOK 1990
Bristol Grill Rodizio

a selection of the best meat from the Bristol Grills dyr-aged cabinet (minimum 2 pers)

NOK 455 pp.

Served with classic bèarnaise sauce or red wine sauce flaved with corwn dill, tomato salad with onions, broccolini with parmesan and hazelnuts and Bristol grills french fries 

(Contains: Hazelnuts, eggs, milk, sulphites)


Baileys ice cream

caramell and Valrhona Azelia

(Contains: Almonds, hazelnuts, eggs, milk)
NOK 145
Norwegian raspberries

ricotta mousse, thyme and raspberry sorbet

(Contains: Almonds, eggs, milk)
NOK 145

For the special occasions

Ever since Bristol Grill opened in 1924, big and small celebrations have taken place. We offer a special set menu for groups of six people or more.

See our set menu.

Classic wines

The Bristol Grill has an exquisite range of classic wines, with our Champagne selection as the jewel in the crown. Luxurious R de Ruinart Brut is one of the regulars amongst our bubblies.

The best from the grill

We love our charcoal grill, and serve grilled elements in every course. We’re renowned for experimenting with the grill concept, without ever losing touch with the classic meal.

Sustainability in focus

Hotel Bristol is a certified ‘Environmental Lighthouse’. We exclusively use organic ingredients in the restaurant, and work tirelessly to reduce food waste. We always use the entire ingredient – nothing goes to waste.

The personal touch

We try our best to customise a meal to your needs, whether that involves special diets or catering for allergies. Contact us a couple of days in advance, and we take care of the rest.

Carefully selected seasonal ingredients

We always make use of the highest quality ingredients. And ideally, from local sources. That’s why we always adapt our menus to the season.

Indoor parking

The Bristol garage is open to both staying and dining guests.