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Christmas menu
November 1 - December 22

Traditional christmas food

Rakfisk from Leira i Valdres

Traditionally served with sour cream, red onions, beet root, potato flat bread and crunchy flat bread

(Contains: Barley, wheat, rye, milk)
NOK 520
Lutefisk from the Andersons brothers from Værøy in Lofoten

Served in the traditional way with mashed peas, bacon, bacon fat, mustard, and goldeneye potatoes.

(Contains: Wheat, fish, milk, mustard)
NOK 625
Lamb ribs from Per’s kitchen in Sandefjord

Served with mashed turnip, Vossakorv sausages and goldeneye potatoes

(Contains: Milk, mustard)
NOK 625
Hotel Bristols Traditional Christmas Plate since 1924

Roast pork, medister Flap jacks, Christmas sauce, apples, prunes and goldeneye potatoes Served twice

(Contains: Wheat, milk, mustard, sulphites)
NOK 530


Rakfisk from Leira in Valdres

Traditionally served with sour cream, red onions beet root, Norwegian tortilla and crunchy flat bread

(Contains: Barley, wheat, rye, milk)
NOK 225
Charcoal Grilled Lobster

With ample syrup, broccolini and smoked potato cream


(Contains: Milk, crustaceans)
NOK 325
Grilled Monkfish

 With Rosette sprouts, baked garlic, Vasterbottenost, Horseradish and Champagne Veloute sauce

(Contains: Wheat, fish, milk, sulphites)
NOK 225
Caviar Ocietra from Gastro Unica

50 grams caviar with classic accessories and butter-fried brioche

(Contains: Wheat, fish, milk)
NOK 1100

Main courses

Grilled Monkfish

With Rosette sprouts, baked garlic, Vasterbottenost Horseradish and Champagne Veloute sauce

(Contains: Wheat, fish, milk, sulphites)
NOK 425
Norwegian tenderloin

With fresh salad, French fries, and Madagascar pepper sauce

(Contains: Milk, celery, mustard, sulphites)
NOK 425


Stilton from Fromageriegerie

With butter-fried and soft gingerbread

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
NOK 175
Cloud Cream “Wildenvey”

With waffel and stirred cloud berries

(Contains: Wheat, milk)
NOK 155
Hotel Bristol’s classic rice pudding

Flavored with Tahiti vanilla and Marachino

(Contains: Almonds, milk)
NOK 155
Classical Caramel flan

With black currant from Stine Mølstad at Næs, cherries and roasted almond sauce

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
NOK 155

Classic wines

The Bristol Grill has an exquisite range of classic wines, with our Champagne selection as the jewel in the crown. Luxurious R de Ruinart Brut is one of the regulars amongst our bubblies.

The best from the grill

We love our charcoal grill, and serve grilled elements in every course. We’re renowned for experimenting with the grill concept, without ever losing touch with the classic meal.

Sustainability in focus

Hotel Bristol is a certified ‘Environmental Lighthouse’. We exclusively use organic ingredients in the restaurant, and work tirelessly to reduce food waste. We always use the entire ingredient – nothing goes to waste.

The personal touch

We try our best to customise a meal to your needs, whether that involves special diets or catering for allergies. Contact us a couple of days in advance, and we take care of the rest.

Carefully selected seasonal ingredients

We always make use of the highest quality ingredients. And ideally, from local sources. That’s why we always adapt our menus to the season.

Indoor parking

The Bristol garage is open to both staying and dining guests. 

For the special occasions

Ever since Bristol Grill opened in 1924, big and small celebrations have taken place. We offer a special set menu for groups of six people or more.