A focus on flavour

We put a lot of love into our breakfast, and are devoted to ensuring that everything we serve is of the highest quality. That's why we focus on local produce and make most of the buffet and menu offerings from scratch.

Energy in a glass

There is no shortage of healthy and delicious beverages to accompany your breakfast. We offer an assortment of health ‘shots’, juices and fresh smoothies. Perfect for a fresh start to the day!

A plentiful selection of hot drinks

If you wish to start the day with something warm in your cup, you can choose between delicious drip coffee, various other coffee drinks, our popular hot chocolate and a variety of teas. Among other things, we have created our own tea blend that is flavoured with bits of dried citrus fruits and rose petals.

Ready for a great start to your day? You don't need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy our breakfast. Whether you want to enjoy a morning on your own or with someone you love, you are welcome to join us any day of the week.

Table reservations

Make today's first meeting something special. Start your agenda with breakfast at Bristol, and set the standard for the rest of the day.

Table reservations: post@bristol.no

Do you have something to celebrate? Or do you just wish to treat yourself to a special morning? Then go ahead - splash out on a champagne breakfast! From 08:00 onwards, you can order yourself a glass of scrummy bubbles to accompany your meal.

Table reservations: post@bristol.no

If you are a guest of the hotel and tempted to indulge in a lazy morning, it is entirely possible to enjoy your breakfast in bed. Make sure to order from our breakfast menu before 10pm and we will deliver your breakfast to your room the day after. You'll find the breakfast menu on your TV. 

Order room service: +47 22 82 60 12