Small dishes

Baked Pacific Oyster

Champagne, Kalix løyrom and grilled Cucumber

(Contains: Molluscs, fish, crustaceans, sulphites)
115 kr

with Piment d'Espelette and honey

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
65 kr
Grilled king crab tail

with browned butter and herbs

(Contains: Eggs, crustaceans, sulphites)
120 kr


Tartar on Grilled Bone marrow

with fermented apples, cep mushroom and beurre noisette

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
235 kr
Endive salad

With citrus, candied fennel seeds, Burrata and Mint

(Contains: Milk)
195 kr
Chantarelles and “Japanese Milk bun”

Black truffle and aged Parmesan

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk, sulphites)
215 kr
Raw Tuna from Spain

Icelandic Wasabi, Coriander and Tomatoes from Brimse

(Contains: Fish, sulphites)
235 kr


Steak au Poivre

Crisp pommes Anna, with Oyster mushroom from Spydeberg with black truffles and Madagascar-pepper sauce

(Contains: Milk, mustard, sulphites)
525 kr
Whole grilled pigeon, glazed with garlic and chicken fat Chicken velouté

With aged Comté, garlic cream,celery root and chicken skin

(Contains: Milk, celery, sulphites)
485 kr
Charcoal-grilled wild turbot

Greenland Schimps, cucumber, green peas, chicken Velouté with ramson

(Contains: Eggs, fish, milk, mustard, crustaceans, sulphites)
455 kr
Grilled leek

With Goat cheese, yellow beats and beurre noisette sauce

(Contains: Milk, sulphites)
365 kr

Dry aged meat

Dry age meat

- Ribeye, 300g

Sashi, Prussian Black, Polen - 550 kr

Rubia Gallega Discarlux, Galicia, Spain - 610 kr


- Sirloin, 300g

Sashi, Prussian Black, Polen - 550 kr

Rubia Gallega Discarlux, Galicia, Spain - 610 kr


- On the bone, 350g til 950g

Sashi Clubsteak, Freygaard, Finland 350g/550g - 430 kr / 670 kr

Sashi Côte de Boeuf, Freygaard, Finland 750g/950 - 910 kr / 1145 kr

Sashi Prussian Black, Cowboy steak, Polen 750g/950g - 910 kr / 1145 kr

Sashi Prussian Black, Côte de Boeuf, Polen 750g/950g - 910 kr / 1145 kr


All our cuts are served with, crisp pommes Anna topped with truffle and Bearnaise sauce on beurre noisette

(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)


Kalix vendace roe (50gr)

with brioche toast, red onion, whipped cream and lemon

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk)
545 kr


3 types of cheese

Served with grilled fruit bread and spread

(Contains: Wheat, hazelnuts, milk, sulphites)
235 kr


Baba Au Rum

Whipped cream from Valmsnes gård

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
175 kr
Lemon and lime cream

with vanilla biscuits, meringue and passion fruit emulsion

(Contains: Wheat, almonds, eggs, fish)
185 kr
Chocolate Mille Feuille

Pecan praline and 72% chocolate

(Contains: Wheat, hazelnuts, eggs, milk)
175 kr