Sandwiches Served 11:00 - 17:00

Toast Skagen

with soft-boiled eggs and Kalix vendace roe

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk, crustaceans)
215 kr
Herring on rye bread

with dill-boiled potatoes, eggs and browned butter

(Contains: Wheat, rye, eggs, fish, milk)
190 kr
Golvertind on rye bread

a blue cheese from Strandli farm with plum

185 kr
Salt-baked beets on sourdough bread

with hazelnuts, tarragon emulsion, baked onions and watercress salad

(Contains: Wheat, hazelnuts, eggs, milk)
175 kr
Homemade roast beef on barley bread

with Russian salad, horseradish and pickled cucumber

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
215 kr
Hand-peeled prawns from Greenland on white bread

with dill, lemon and mayonnaise

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, crustaceans)
250 kr
Smoked trout on barley bread

with onion salad, scrambled eggs and crown dill

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk, sulphites)
190 kr
Beef tartar on hanger steak

with classic accompaniments and butter-fried sourdough bread

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
195 kr
Crispy plaice on rye bread

topped with Skagen and dill

(Contains: Wheat, rye, eggs, fish, milk, crustaceans)
215 kr
Minced steak on sourdough bread

with soft onions, pickled root vegetables and fried eggs

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, sulphites)
220 kr

Salads Served 11:00 - 17:00

Bristol's Caesar salad

with chicken, bacon, parmesan and croutons

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
220 kr
Bristol’s Romano salad

with parmesan and croutons

145 kr

Cakes from our pastry Served 11:00 - 17:00

Napoleon cake

Homemade puff pastry, whipped cream flavored with rum from Jamaica and Tahiti vanilla

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
115 kr
Budapest cake

Almond meringue rolled with mandarins and whipped cream

(Contains: Almonds, eggs, milk)
115 kr
Swiss roll

filled with mango passion fruit cream, chocolate crunchy and mango gels

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
115 kr
Chocolate cake

dark chocolate, coconut chocolate cream and pistachios

(Contains: Wheat, pistachio nuts, eggs)
115 kr
Homemade Scones

With clotted cream, lemon curd and Seasonal Jam

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
80 kr
Custard Tart

Filled with vanilla cream

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk)
70 kr