Table layout

If used in a theatre configuration with no tables, this space has capacity for 70 people. Alternatively, if seating is in a classroom layout with desks, it seats 50 people. With a U-shape configuration, this room seats 22, or 18 at a boardroom table.


All meeting and conference guests are served our delicious lunch of the day prepared by Bristol’s fantastic chefs. Additionally, your attendees can enjoy an energy boost both in the morning and afternoon when we put out quality breaktime fruit and snacks. Other items are available to order from our special menu.

Technical equipment

This space gives you access to WiFi, a projector, flip chart, clip-on or hand-held microphone and state-of-the-art sound system. The room has two entrances, its own cloakroom and access to a breaktime area for coffee and snacks.

Meeting room: Frøya

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