Caviar og Vendace Roe

with Grey Goose Vodka 

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, sulphites)
NOK 395
Rossini Black Label 50 gram
NOK 845
Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid 500 gram
NOK 13,000

Small dishes

Oysters «sweet chili»
(Contains: Molluscs, sulphites)
today's unit price
Pork rinds with raw prawns

and sour jalapeño emulsion

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, crustaceans)
NOK 115
Waffle with Kalix vendace roe

and sour cream from Valmsnes farm

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, fish, milk)
NOK 195


Arctic char crudo

with ajo blanco, gooseberry and black lime

(Contains: Wheat, almonds, fish, sulphites)
NOK 245
Chanterelles on milk bread, onion compote

with taleggio and cured neck from Røysland farm

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
NOK 265
Tartar is served on marrow bones

with fermented apple and porcini mushrooms

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, sulphites)
NOK 295

Main courses


with chanterelles, salt-baked celery root, black truffle and crispy onions

(Contains: Wheat, milk, celery, sulphites)
NOK 355
Charcoal-grilled wild turbot from Smögen

with Jerusalem artichoke, fir shoots, horseradish and butter sauce with rhubarb and vendace roe

(Contains: Fish, milk, sulphites)
NOK 545
Steak au Poivre

Pepper beef 250 grams of sirloin with crispy potato topped with pecorino, grilled broccolini and green pepper sauce

(Contains: Eggs, fish, milk, mustard, sulphites)
NOK 645

Dry aged meat

Dry age meat

We also have a meat list on site that changes daily. There is meat in different cuts, origins and breeds.

We guide you to find the right taste or share different ones at the table.

Side dishes

Crispy potato
(Contains: Milk)
NOK 80
Crispy potato

topped with black truffle and pecorino

(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)
NOK 165
Crushed cucumber salad

with yogurt curd and yuzunette

(Contains: Milk, sulphites)
NOK 85
Grilled broccolini

dipped in "kelp", topped with sesame seeds and fried garlic

(Contains: Celery, sesame seeds, sulphites)
NOK 95
Pimientos de Padrón

with ponzu and espelette

(Contains: Sulphites)
NOK 95
Green salad

with grilled onions

NOK 70
Tomato salad

with tarragon emulsion

(Contains: Eggs, sulphites)
NOK 95


Béarnaise sauce
(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)
NOK 65
Creamy wild mushroom sauce
(Contains: Eggs, milk, sulphites)
NOK 65
(Contains: Sulphites)
NOK 55
Green pepper sauce
(Contains: Milk, celery, sulphites)
NOK 65
Yuzu vinaigrette
NOK 45



with black truffle and pickled chanterelles

(Contains: Wheat, milk, sulphites)
NOK 275


Baba Au Rhum

with lightly whipped cream from Valmsnes farm

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites)
NOK 210
Chocolate mousse

with brown butter, chestnut ice cream and crispy vanilla biscuits

(Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soya beans)
NOK 205